Platinum Stones

Platinum is a metal of transformation. It allows one to break preconceived boundaries and achieve the maximum success in any given endeavor.

Platinum is useful to utilize in conjunction with high vibrational transformational crystals. It helps one absorb those higher vibrations at a physical level, so we are better able to put the energy to work in bringing creative visions into the physical world! Using Platinum in meditation helps us integrate new ideals and energies into our lives.

It keeps one focused and determinedly working towards full and lasting integration. Used in elixir form, Platinum alleviates depression and helps one regain memory, particularly memory that has been lost to one being either shocked, and/or overwhelmed. At the cellular level, it can align the spine, help regenerate heart tissue and boost the immune and endocrine systems.Platinum also boosts the bodies electromagnetic network of nerves and the synapses to the brain.

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