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Thank you for visiting Envy Custom Stones. My name is Envy, owner of Envy Custom Stones and I would be delighted to give you a detailed description of my online crystal shop and information center.

Here at Envystones.com we have an abundant selection of raw and polished stones in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. Also, we have a fun and exciting learning center with information from a geological aspect and for those who just love the beauty of natures art, and how it was formed.

I also feature an actual store you can come shop at 10 minutes from Denver co. The address is 7007 E 88th Ave Henderson co 80640 lot # 5555. I started this company in 2020.

I have always collected rocks on a mediocre level and have always loved the mountains here in Colorado and been hiking for 20 years. So in March 2020 the beginning of covid had forced me out of work and my once a week hiking trips turned into almost daily rockhounding trips. I started doing my own research on rockhounding in Colorado and found out about the Colorado rockhounding guide. So I acquired the ebook and some tools and went for it. Before you know it here I am today going to world class mines, launching an online crystal shop and having the grand opening of my actual physical crystal shop open to the public. I have acquired an abundant and wonderful list of business contacts and clients in this short time which I am extremely grateful for. The actual store is called Rock Your World!!! And here at the shop I offer items below retail, we do cutting,polishing, drilling, custom jewelry and offer rockhounding trips for a reasonable fee. So come and see us at the shop we're looking forward to it!!

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About Us

Envy Custom Stones

Envy Custom Stones has an abundant selection of raw and polished stones in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes.

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